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The concept of PS social is to provide an influencer marketing, social media creative studio, and community venue where the most Elite and relevant influencers come to hang out and network.  PS Social will provide a community-based creative studio; a retail component offering retail merchandise; and venue rental services for the social media influencers and content creators of South Florida, as well as those visiting Miami.


The mission of PS Social is to create a socially driven creative studio, community-based venue, work or play hang out for the social media influencers and creatives gather and network. PSS is a high-end and exclusive venue, offering a unique and appealing space for all its visitors. It will provide an excellent place and opportunity for social interaction with networking, creative workshops, and special events. The casual ambience and excellent services will ensure a high in quality of customers. 

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Open Space

The Venue is a 8000 square-foot multi-level open format complex consisting of 3 elaborate & individually unique staircases. Not only does the venue has its own studio area but conference rooms as well. The bar will feature a full selection of hot and cold beverages, along with live entertainment and televised event. The entire complex is equipped with state-of-the-art audio, lighting, and video systems, serving the need for a true social media community based venue in Miami.

Total Working Space

8000 sq. ft.

Best Amenities

FREE 5G Wifi * Content Studio * Café/Bar * Meeting Rooms * Entertainment Wall * Lounge Areas * Retail Wall * Hi-Tech Security


Our podcast studio is fully equipped with lighting, cameras, and professional sound. Our rental packages include options for just the space as well as full podcast production. 

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