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PS Social is an exclusive, community-based venue and creative studio for influencers, content creators and brands in Miami. Our 7500 sq. ft. complex is equipped with state-of-the-art audio, lighting, and video systems, offering a unique blend of co-working,  retail merchandise, venue rental services, workshops, and more . With a full bar and live entertainment at night, PS Social is the ultimate hub for networking, socializing, and collaborating. Join us and be a part of the elite social media community.

Free 5G WiFi

Wether connecting with friends or presenting a PowerPoint presentation - You're connected quickly 

Content Studio

Product Shots, Full Production, Portfolio Enhancements to Campaigns we are  more than equipped with a variety of backdrops and viewing screens.

Café & Bar

Exclusive Cold Brew Coffee or Flavored Smoothie paired with a variety of snacks.  The night serves a feeling to be remembered with a variety of eclectic drinks.

Meeting Rooms

Easily accommodate up to 10 guest equipped with audio & visual amenities.

Entertainment Wall

Advertising opportunity for all brand partners, Workshop Display, Premiers, Conferences and Viewing Enjoyment. 

Lounge Areas

Enjoy the Co-working Open Floor, semi Private Lounges, or Catwalk Seating to be present overlooking the creative energy.

modern creative space

venue amenities

The Venue is a 7500 square-foot multi-level open format complex consisting of 3 elaborate & individually unique staircases. Not only does the venue has its own studio area but conference rooms as well. The entire complex is equipped with state-of-the-art audio, lighting, and video systems, serving the need for a true social media community based venue in Miami.

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Exclusivity is Everything...



Memberships available on an Annual & Semi-Annual basis, Students, as well as Influencers

  • Free WiFi
  • Café & Bar
  • Limited Area Access
  • Discounts on Products/Services
  • Discounts on Area/Room Rentals
  • Monthly Plans also Available

Venue Rental

Venue Rental for Promotors, Groups, Business Meetings, & Private Events.

  • Free WiFi
  • Café & Bar
  • All Area Access
  • Area/Rooms À la cart
  • Brand Package Deals
  • Daily Rates Available

For Creatives

Podcast Studio, Photo Studio

  • Free WiFi
  • Café & Bar
  • Limited Area Access
  • Sales Item Fulfillment
  • E-Commerces Education Access
  • In-Person Customer Service
housing the best creatives in Miami

digital advertising services

PSI Consulting is a creative agency and content production studio. We are a team of brand strategists and talent managers who conceptualize digital campaigns based on a brand’s goals and distribute messaging to today’s consumers and ultimately driving an intent to purchase.

PSI Consulting consists of an expertly trained team of casting directors, talent strategists, and managers who are here to work with you at any and every stage of your influencer marketing plan: guiding strategy, leading ideation, orchestrating talent casting, and overseeing campaign direction.


Bring your laptop, camera, sewing machine, beat machine, etc.